Billing 2001

On Friday Myself & Jay set off to Vaughan`s house at 1pm all was well except that Jay Had just got in from a night shift at work 30 mins earlier. Still this was no problem for hardened off roaders like us!!!!!!!!!! Once we arrived at Vaughan's house we set off to collect the show van for our club stand. Still all was going fine (did I speak too soon) On return to Vaughan's two tyres exploded on the show van,No problem we had two spare wheels. (Sorted)

Wrong they were the wrong size! Oh blast or words something like that. Still no problem there was a tyre depot a few miles away. But guess what they didnít have any remoulds so we had to buy two brand new tyres. By now it was 6pm and we still had to clean out the show van, as the previous hirers were Wayne and Waynetta slob (anyone for penicillin) the fridge was a healthy bacteria farm.

Time for some food before we set off thanks to Vaughan's good lady Sherryn who had cooked us a massive shepherds pie. Just what the doctor ordered lots of energy as it was going to be along night.

We set off at last at 7pm great jay was towing the show van as Vaughan's new heavy duty springs bottomed out on his disco. Billing is a long way when you are travelling at 40 mph. The beast does not like slow speeds so I had to keep going for a blast ahead to keep the V8 cool (well thatís my excuse) clocking the speed on my newly acquired GPS. I shout back to Jay on the CB watch out for the chunks flying off my tyres I guess mud pluggers donít like 95 MPH Whoops!!!!.

We finally arrive at Billing at about 9pm and are shown to our stand. The best location as the beer tent was just across the road and the toilets Were even closer.

After setting up and some food we all retire to bed tomorrow was going to be a big day Organising the club stand.

The Beast was upon ramps as the centerpiece of the stand and was getting quite a lot of attention.
But something was lacking! I know lets change the clutch shouts Jay (What here on the stand). What a great idea I had just picked up all of the bits from off the various stalls. One last detail I was lonely no woman in my life. Mmmmm where better to find the love of my life than at a landrover show, quick pass a marker pen and me some card. Thatís it a sign was mounted in the window of the beast!
Well itís worth a try
The sign was definitely getting lots of laughs along with all the other silly notes we had made up after drinking lots of beer.

Anyway the clutch was going well apart from the spigot bush would not fit. But many thanks to the guyís from Pains Engineering who used the Engine to machine it down to size.
Thatís amazing a 3.5ltr V8 lathe. You had to be there to see them work as if it was in the engineering shop, 1500 rpm on the rev counter but all we had as a cutting tool was a file borrowed off a member of the 130 register who had a stand next door. In all the excitement watching the amazing work of the guys from Pains I had not noticed this beautiful blond woman looking over my shoulder.
Hello she said you must be Mad Martin Ive come to reply to your sign in the window Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! The gods were looking over me, My clutch was fixed at last.

Oh and I had just met a beautiful single woman who loves Landrovers, Mud & V8s What more could a man ask for.

Its definitely A V8 ThingÖ..

To be continuedÖ.

Mad Martin

Martins V8