Fun day in March
By Dave and Jane Sumner

This was not a club organised activity, but we decided our series 3 Landy had been too clean for too long1 So on a lovely sunny day we set off for Aston Clinton, which is near Stratford on Avon.

After an uneventful trip we arrived at the site, which is a large mainly flat area. The ground was very dry, but we were assured by the organisers that there was plenty of mud!

So we headed off and found it. There were only about 20 or so vehicles around, mainly of the Land Rover variety, and some new shiny ones, including a Disco, Nissan and Shogun. The most surprising was a chap in a little Fiat Panda 4 x4 who was having fun and doing quite well!

I found a patch of mud that looked deep, so roared through in low first and promptly covered the engine in goo. Being a petrol Landy, it decided to die! After getting out a rag and WD 40 it was coaxed into life.

We then swapped over and Jane showed me how to do it properly !

Soon after this incident, a seriously radical Suzuki appeared alongside, it was Ian from Muddy Pluggers in his V8 beast, and it sounds and looks brilliant. Ian was accompanied by Paul and Dave in their customised Suzukis They then proceeded to indulge in the favourite pastime of getting into the deepest gunge around. As the photos show!

All in all a good day, unfortunately my brakes were getting spongier as the day went on, in fact on the way home the pedal went to the floor and I nearly “modified” a small hatchback! Luckily with a bit of tweaking and adjustment they came back and e we got home safely. The Landy also did about 10mpg!

These faults have since been rectified, thanks to the guys at Roean Land Rover services in Telford.

This turned out to be my last session in the Landy as I have now sold it, Jane wants something a bit more comfortable, so we hoping to purchase an early Disco or Range Rover, or maybe a 90.

I recently purchased an immaculate Jeep wrangler for everyday use, so that has to be baptised soon, but on a non damaging site! It will get dirty!

The Landy in Action

landy_djs.jpg 2.9K

suzi1_djs.jpg 2.7K

suzi2_djs.jpg 2.6K

suzi3_djs.jpg 2.7K

suzi4_djs.jpg 2.8K

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