When my husband promised me a dirty weekend away, I fished out the sexy little nighty bought the bottle of champagne and strawberry's .To be told I would need pyjamas and Wellingtons (me thinks he's gone kinky). On checking the calendar it was August bank holiday he was talking about off road weekend in Rhayader (nighty back in draw, pajamas out).

We packed our caravan with beer and food, checked the landy over and set off about 7`oclock after work, to meet up with Nick and Karen and kidís (these Cooke men know how to treat their women) and made our way to Rhayader to Tommyís an off-roader's haven 600 acres of hills, valley's, mud and water. The campsite is well; you have to see it to appreciate it.

We arrived about 9`oclock pm and set up our van.
Leda meet us with a cup off coffee and we all chatted for awhile, of to bed and looking forward to a days off-roading.

After a hearty breakfast we all climbed into our vehicles, 2 Suzuki 2 landys and a hilux and headed up into the hills to find some mud and we do, some get stuck and are pulled out to go again. Leda has a turn in there Suzuki and did very well, she got stuck but not to be out done by the men got her self out, go girl power, me I'm just a passenger and I had new boots don't want to get them dirty.

After a few hours we all head back to camp for refreshments and food, Richard and Dave (sorry) Alan collect wood for a campfire, this is the highlight of the weekend. Campfire, drink's food and chatting to friend's about the day's events.

So where were you all, the Muddy Plugger's Club consists of about 30 member's and only 5 family member's turned up, the same one's again. This advent has been the same, august bank holiday weekend for the past 3 year's, and speaking as a female it is a good weekend, ok the camp site is naff and the shower block is basic (the brook) the loo is ok if you hold your nose. But what the heck the view's from the hill's are lovely the men love all the mud and water and the challenge of it all and it's a great way to meet other member's, every one is friendly and help each other if there is a problem.

The weather was lovely, ok not hot but dry and a bit dusty. Nigel and Leda, Richard and Alan return to their B&B on Saturday night and went home on Sunday morning. We stayed until after dinner and packed up our caravan's and headed home after yet again another dirty weekend, well dusty weekend.

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