Muddy Pluggers O.R.C.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 13 April 03

The meeting opened at 1020 with 17 members present.

Chairmanís summary

In general it has been a successful year, the change of meeting time and venue has enabled activities to take place. Members have put more into the club, for which thanks were given.


No correspondence received, a letter had been sent to all members on the books advising them of the agm.


One statement had been received, members were informed of the bank balance. The club now holds third party liability insurance, which is expensive but considered essential.


Three new members have signed up, through an insurance company who offers discount on 4 x 4 insurance to club members. Mike has revamped the club membership data on computer. Copies are held by the chairman, secretary and treasurer, so hopefully no disasters will occur!
Membership is due from the date of the AGM and remains at £10 per family.

Website Manager.

Vaughan would like more input, the site is visited frequently, any input is appreciated. Please use E- mail if possible. Snowball Insurance Brokers have expressed an interest in accompanying the club to shows, and may assist with sponsorship.

Events Member

The recent green lane day was a success, future events are as follows:

  • May Bank Holiday, camping weekend at Rhyadar, this is a 600 acre site for off roading, with little risk of damage, names please at the May meeting, cost probably around £25 for the weekend.
  • June 8, green laning after the meeting (local area) followed by a barbecue at the Foresterís Arms. Cost £5 per head, please make bookings and payment at the May 11 meeting.
  • Sunday June 15, all day green lane trip to North Wales, this will require an early start, please let Mark know if you wish to come along.
  • July 13, trip to Black Rock Sands after the meting. Vehicles can be driven on the sands (and probably get stuck!)

    Please let the committee know if you have any ideas or suggestions for activities

    Rule Book and Club Constitution

    All members had been given a copy of the proposed rules and constitution. It was proposed that they should be adopted. Proposed by Vaughan and seconded by Dave Sumner. Voted unanimously.

    Election of New Committee

    Nick Cooke has decided to stand down this year as chair. Following discussions the following committee members were elected.

  • Chair Vaughan Ravenscroft
  • Secretary Dave Sumner
  • Treasurer Ian Heighway
  • Membership Mike Cooke
  • Webmaster Vaughan Ravenscroft
  • Events Mark Barraclough
  • Dave Sumner offered to act as deputy chair when the chairman is unable to attend meetings, this was accepted

    The chairmanís first act was to propose a vote of thanks to the outgoing chairman for his sterling efforts over the previous year, this was supported by all members present.

    Any other Business

    The events member proposed that a volunteer be sought to produce a short article for the website, following activities, photos also are appreciated

    There being no other business, the meeting closed at 1115.

    Dave Sumner