Muddy Pluggers O.R.C.
12 January 2003


Received from Vaughan


The last meeting was the Xmas dinner held at the Foresters Arms Broseley, this was well attended and most enjoyable. The chairman gave a vote of thanks to Dave and all the staff at the Foresters for their efforts.

Committee Meeting

Don has prepared a draft of the club constitution, a meeting will be held at Nick’s house on Tuesday 28 January at 7.30pm, for discussions, in order that the draft may be presented to members at the AGM in April.


Nothing to report. I will be sending a letter to all members on the list, prior to the AGM to remind them of the date.


Mike has received one enquiry, to which he has replied, no new members this month.

January Off road day

This was cancelled due to recent bad weather. The landowner does not wish the Broseley site to be used until April, in order that the land can recover.

February Meeting

This will take place on Sunday 9 Feb at the normal venue. There will be a talk with slides, buy Don. Several members expressed a wish to stay for lunch after the meeting, and have booked. In the afternoon, Land Rover videos will be shown. This should be a good day, all are welcome, and meals can be booked by calling Dave at the Foresters arms.

March Green Lane day

Mark proposed to lead a green lane trip to Wales after a short meeting. This is a non-damaging trip with magnificent scenery, those wishing to take part are advised to bring a packed lunch as it will be a long day.

Any Other Business

It is propose to have a barbecue at the Foresters Arms following the Green Lane Day, more details to follow.

Byron asked about the Land Rover shows, apparently Billing will not allow us to have a club stand, but we hope to have one at the LRO show in September, Vaughan is normally sent details of these shows, we will keep everyone informed.

Dave Sumner Secretary.