Muddy Pluggers O.R.C.

The meeting started at 1015 with 14 members present. All present were given copies of the minutes of the AGM held in April.


Members were reminded that there was a proposed off road weekend at Rhyadar over the Whitsun Holiday at a cost of around £15 per day. However owing many members being unable to attend it was decided to postpone the event, and try for August bank holiday if sufficient support is shown.


No correspondence received, I have applies for a club stand at the LRO show in September. More information when I receive a reply.


Mike has sending out reminders to all those membership is due for renewal. No new members this month.


Mark proposed an off road event to raise funds for the club, if anyone knows of a suitable venue please let Vaughan know.

The June club meet will be at the “Foresters Arms” followed by green laning in the local area, ending back at the pub for a barbeque. If anyone else is interested please let Mike Cooke know by E Mail. We need numbers to arrange the food for the barbeque. The Green laning will be led by Don and will be in the Long Mynd area.

On June 15th we have a green lane day to Wales, on the Strata Florida route. This is (allegedly) non damaging and suitable for shiny vehicles! It is an all day event. Please meet at the Elf garage on the A49 at Leominster at 8.30 am. Probably a good idea to bring drinks and food!

The July meeting will be the annual beach outing, to Black Rock Sands. No pub meeting this month. Please meet at Dobbies Garden centre off the A5 near Shrewsbury at 9.00 am. There is a Burger King and a petrol station there. It is proposed to have picnics, or barbecues on the beach, of course there are cafes etc at the beach


Vaughan has revamped the website and includes the AGM minutes and some more photos. Please feel free to forward any articles we can use.


Mark proposed the club adopt a show for a club outing one suggestion is the 4 x 4 show at Trentham in August, any ideas please let any of the committee know. It’s your club, tell us what you want!

The meeting closed at 1100, and several members adjourned to a nearby farm to watch Ian demonstrate his V8 Suzuki in the mud, along with various ex-military vehicles and other machines, of course it rained!

Dave Sumner Secretary