Photos from the hereford 2003 weekend

The Muddy Pluggers were invited by the Birmingham Landrover Enthusiasts Club to attend an offroad weekend at one of their sites in Hereford to raise money for the Shropshire air Ambulance (who knows when you will need it).

There were 5 vehicles from the Muddy Pluggers attended the event at different points of the weekend

They were us the Cooke family in our Suzuki (as noting else was on the road) (the Birmingham Landrover Enthusiasts Club did not mind that it was a Suzuki)
The Lloyd family in their nice shiny disco (it wasn't when they left).
The Donnaldson family with their lightweight (the first time they had been offroading and most definitely not their last).
The Sunderland family with Ian and the boys in their 109 (I will get round this corner) and Don and Norma in there Renault camper van (their first night in their new van).
A friend of Tristran`s (who I cant remember his name sorry about that) came for the day.

The site had various challenges including deep mud severe drops (Ian went airborne at the back end) and the most fun, the sea saw.

On the Sunday evening we had a social gathering including a raffle and auction (I got the Kyle calendar Yahoooo).

Thanks to the Birmingham club for a great weekend and making us so welcome.

Here are some pictures that I have taken there are not that many as we were having such a good time getting through all the mud.


90 stuck in another mud whole _mporc_sml.jpg 3.3K
90 stuck in another mud whole _mporc.jpg

A perfect fit in the mud _mporc_sml.jpg 2.9K
A perfect fit in the mud _mporc.jpg

but with a winch _mporc_sml.jpg 3.0K
but with a winch _mporc.jpg

Byron getting through _mporc_sml.jpg 3.1K
Byron getting through _mporc.jpg

Getting winched out _mporc_sml.jpg 3.2K
Getting winched out _mporc.jpg

I will get out of this mud _mporc_sml.jpg 2.7K
I will get out of this mud _mporc.jpg

Ian getting out of the mud _mporc_sml.jpg 2.5K
Ian getting out of the mud _mporc.jpg

Ian going airborne _mporc_sml.jpg 3.0K
Ian going airborne _mporc.jpg

Suzuki in the mud hole _mporc_sml.jpg 3.0K
Suzuki in the mud hole _mporc.jpg

The camp site _mporc_sml.jpg 2.7K
The camp site _mporc.jpg

The first mud hole _mporc_sml.jpg 3.0K
The first mud hole _mporc.jpg

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